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January does flies so fast.

I spent my first month of 2018 in Thailand with my family and friends. It is quite fulfilling after one year and half away from home.

Now I’m back in Korea with my laptop (haha) ready to work and well update new entries for this coming year.


My first entry of this year is my photo collection.

My mom is kindergarten teacher in one province, not that far from Bangkok. I had been visiting her in her school for a week. And here is what I have got during the time there.

My friend said the tone is so warm. And when I’m back in Korea, it was snowing on the third day after arriving. So, here to warm up my day a bit.

But because they are super active, super naughty yet super cute, I cannot find any other better title for this collection. Except this hahaa


Another storyteller

When I was young, my mom liked to read me the fairy tales. When she felt lazy, she bought the cassette tape with fairy tale stories and played it for me until I fell asleep. And right after I started to learn how to read, she stopped reading for me and asked me to read for her instead. I was eager to know the story and I guess that how I started to love reading and turn to be bookworm. I love the feeling of flipping the paper and I love the feeling of imagining the things describing in those stories. I’m always getting excited to read new books and get through the new adventure.

And when I reach to some point, I feel like writing. Two of my closed friends just told me last week that I really love talking (well, only with the closed ones I guess haha). I guess I like telling the stories also. Different from talking, writing needs time and effort to arrange the stories. You need to clarify your content in easy way and express it out in systematic way so they can understand your thought and you can send our your message correctly.

And the reason why I love writing is because I feel like I can get time to talk with myself when I write.

And yes, as you can see I love writing blog. Especially, on traveling as you can see from my blog updating. Starting from last year until now. I love telling the stories and the thoughts I found out during the time I traveled.

But I rarely know how my travel partner thinks about our trip. So it always fascinates me getting to read or know the same stories from other perspective. You might miss some chance to take a look to some places more carefully, or notice some people during the trip. Talking with your travel partners from last trip how it was might lead you to another memorable moments back there in your memories.


I just realized this from my last school holiday trip in Seoul last spring. I have to admit that I’ve been traveled to Seoul so many times. Though I didn’t expect myself to, still I always get something up to do in Seoul. Sometimes for speech competition, for renewing my passport, for meeting family and friends, for meeting professors. And last spring holiday, I went on a trip to Seoul with one of my best friends from Thailand.

She didn’t stay with me that long enough until now so I still can ask her how our trip was. But instead of talking, she wrote some blogs. I got to read through her stories and I get to see my own diary yet written through my friend’s eyes. Same stories but from different perspective.

So can I still say it the same story?

I’ll leave her link after this entry end. She hasn’t finished updating so far but you can see how fun our trip was so far and you might get something in your mind in case you would travel to Seoul in the future.

But this is the thing that I realized from our trip together.

To travel somewhere, it’s not about the destination or how good it was. Sometimes the destination is nothing. Seoul is just Seoul for me already. I walk there until my feeling to Seoul was just like other capital city. But the main point of traveling is with whom you travel with (Well, unless it’s solo trip, then you get time to talk with yourself).

Some people make you feel more tired, some people make you feel so energetic, some people make you feel relaxed or some people make you feel like home.

I did feel like last trip with her warm up my heart and secure my anxiety of graduate school life. I still have no idea what will happen in the future but as I know, my inner power was charged and I hope it’ll be strong enough to get pass all of those coming hardship.

Thank you for bringing home atmosphere here with you and take care until we meet again.


Feel free to check her stories here. This girl also got some interesting stories to share with you.

Beauty by the eyes of beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

There are so many times we judge,

We judge that there is nothing in some places.

We judge that there is no good in something.

We judge that there is no reason to even talk with someone.

All is by the reason that ‘they said that…’

Some places, something, someone that we perceived could be so different.

Some places, something, someone always get some hidden beauty inside, waiting for the right one who can see.

It depends on us whether we are open-minded and open our eyes big enough to find it out

or we will just wait for those ‘they’ to keep telling us the information.

Sometimes, if you do not get to perceive directly by your own, you would never be able to judge those things.

Since no matters what, indirect experiences, provided by the others, cannot always tell you the truth that you might perceive it by your own as same as our direct experience.

As I mentioned before,

Beauty is in the the eye of beholder.

So let me ask you one question,

Between the eyes with open-minded and the eyes that already half-closed by bias,

what kind of eyes would be able to perceive the beauty better?



Once in Jinhae

Asking some Japanese where to see the sakura, they might say Ueno Park.

But if you ask some Korean, they’d definitely say ‘Jinhae’.

Jinhae is one small city in the southern park of Korea. You can travel by bus from Busan within only one hour. There is direct bus from Seoul to Jinhae also if you are more comfortable in that way. In my case, my friends and I traveled from Daejeon to Busan by train. We spent one night in Busan and took bus in the morning to Jinhae.

Since this festival is super popular, especially among Korean themselves, it’s my first time seeing this much Korean in only one place. (Over)estimating by my (biased) eyes, maybe exceed one millions. (Haaa) We needed to queue up for everything and we were about to miss the train back to Daejeon because we queued for the bus.

Even though it’s super rush and furious trip, I realized that somehow the meaning of traveling is not where we go but with whom we go with.

The one that can even make our trip more memorable than the destination itself.:)

I wouldn’t talk that much on this entry but I’ll let my cherry blossom show you how nice it was.

PS. Sorry that I broke my promise to update about snow trip but I came up with this cherry blossom as an apology. XD

Cloudy day in Tongyeong

Done with our trip in Geoje, our last day of the trip was in Tongyeong. We took bus only 30 minutes to Tongyeong Bus Terminal. After putting all of our stuffs in the locker, we are more than ready to visit Tongyeong.

We took bus at the bus stop right in front of bus terminal. Our first destination of the day was Mireuksan, one of the 100 best mountains in Korea. From what I saw on the internet while preparing myself for this trip, the scenery is breathtaking until I couldn’t wait to see the real one.

Getting down from the bus, we followed one Korean guy until we reached the Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway station. From this ground station, we can take cable car to the summit station, directly to the summit of Mireuksan without doing hiking by outselves at all.

Due to our limit of time (and yes, our bodies), we decided to take cable car to the summit station for round trip. We got to take cable car with one Korean family. They are quite nice and really well manner. I just enjoyed the scenery and took some photos all along the way. Within only around 15 minutes, we reached the summit of Mireuksan.

Up there, the facilities are more than enough. They got the resting point for you to sit and enjoy the scenery (that day it was occupied by all of Korean Ahjummas and Ahjusshis). Together with some coffee shop and snack bars, you can just sip your coffee in the sky lounge or outside while enjoying the panorama view of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park.


I dare say this point is just a starter. We followed the guide signs to see the real summit of Mireuksan. Luckily, that day it was quite crowded since it’s Sunday. All we need to do was just following other people.

Walking along the way itself is quite pleasant walk already. But at the moment we reached the top, it’s the moment when all of your energy to travel this far paid off. Mireuksan is one of the destinations during this trip that I expected quite a lot and he didn’t let my down at all.

It took us a long time there because we really cannot take ourselves out of this place. This magnificent view is too charming. It’s the first time I feel like no matter how I snapped my shutter, the photo would come out nicely. Hahaa

After that, at first we planned to stop by art gallery nearby and Yi Sun-Sin park yet unfortunately the weather was not so nice by that time. We changed our plan and went straight to Tongyeong Jung-ang Market and the Geobukseon warships instead.

The reason why we put Jung-ang market in our travel plan is because of me. Other than general food that’s sold in this market, they got two famous dishes so far which are Chungmu Kimbap and Kkulbbang (Honey bread). It’s one of my personal checkpoint that I really want to accomplish during this trip. weeheeee XD

Stepping in the market area, it really got that local feeling. At first, I thought Jagalchi Market is the most familiar place to local market back in my country already. But Tongyeong Jung-ang is even more familiar. I feel like going back home for some reason. It’s super lively and you can really get to see the way Southern part of Korean’s life.

We walked pass by a lot of honey bread shops. Every shops got you some testers which makes it even harder to me to decide where to stop. In the end, my travel partner just randomly chose one of Ahjumma’s shop named 꿀봉이 and tried the tester there. (I can see that he didn’t really get to excited with it until he tried. haha Pad myself for good sense of food.)

Kkulbbang is fried bread and inside got different flavor such as red bean, sweet potatoes and so on. Outside it’s coated by sweet honey and topped by white sesame. Such a perfect combination. Typing about its taste still can make my mouth watering. And well, instead of one box, we ended up buying two big boxes of honey bread back to Daejeon. hehe

Right after getting my beloved honey bread, we stopped at one Chungmu Kimbap shop called 명가충무김밥. Only one menu inside this restaurant is Chungmu Kimbap. First impression is just plain rice rolled with seaweed. Being served separately with spicy squid and radish. Personally, I don’t really like eating kimbap since it’s cold food.

But the spiciness of squid made some different. The taste is quite strong and it’s just nice with plain kimbap that’s served together. We finished it in no time. For me, I feel like this dish is comfort food that the local would just have. You can get that feeling when it was in your mouth.

One of my professors once told me in anthropology class that if we want to get to know the others, their food can tell us about the cultural background in some way.


After meal, we walked along the bay and sightseeing the local life. Around this place, it got the atmosphere of real life. Watching the fisherman doing his work, or trying to feed seagull for my travel partner to get the video he missed the day before by honey bread (but failed).


Last destination of this trip was Geobukseon Joseon warships. This exhibition is just around 5 minute walk from Jung-ang Market. This is the model of Geobukseon, famous Korean battle ship of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin used in Korea’s Imjin war against Japan by that time.

The exhibition itself will get you the feeling of normal exhibition. But the highlight point for us was Hanbok experience in marine army style. Also the rooftop is not bad. Nice spot for chilling and taking photos.

Then it came to the end of this trip. We sat at the bench nearby, eating some honey bread, talking and looking at the local people around. It’s right decision to end our trip at Tongyeong. Thank you for this warm welcome.

Until we meet again. : )


This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.

Another special thank goes to my travel partner, kkulbbang oppa (Your name will always change according to the thing we eat.), for standing my panic and this full of laughing trip. Southern sea of Korea got magic somehow. HAHA.

Deep ocean with blue sky in Geoje

Right after Busan, we arrived Geoje in next early morning. Geoje greeted us with sunny and bright day. The atmosphere of small town is totally different than Busan. I felt a bit excited to see what this small town got for me.

Leaving our luggage in hotel which is not so far from the bus terminal, (Geoje or Gohyeon Bus Terminal is super small. Smallest one as I saw in Korea so far hahaa) we headed straight to our first destination in Geoje, Historic Park of Geojedo P.O.W. Camp.

To be honest, at first I didn’t pay that much attention to P.O.W. Personally, I’m easily getting afraid of this kind of figures. Maybe my imagination is too good, especially when it looks so real.

But since my friend said so that it’s a must in Geoje, I decided to put it in our plan and just followed. Well, in the end, I felt relieved that I didn’t cut it out. It’s quite interesting place. Especially for the one who is interested in Korean history, focusing on Korean war period.

P.O.W. brought us back to travel in the past. This camp was built during Korean war in order to accommodate the invaders from North side. It’s one of the place you can see how it used to be during the period of national division and how ideological conflicts affected during the cold war era.

With their story telling way that is simple but easy to understand, I was able to catch up with the things that happened easily. The detail is not too much or too boring. The technique of story telling is quite interesting also. They separated the exhibitions into the small ones. Each got only one theme to focus about. This 6.25 or Hall of the Korean War History is quite touching for me. We can see the damages from the war to citizens’ live. Only imagine about the family being departed by the others is quite hard already.

Not only one style of storytelling, they got some more with model which is interesting also. Walking through all of this park, you might get the feeling of people who used to live here back in that time. I know it might sound a bit creepy but you can get to learn something from the history in some way. Though we cannot travel back in time to fix it, we still can learn from our lesson in the past and know how to make it better.

One thing I’m impressed about Korea is that they are quite strong nation. Not in term of military, or power, I valued their hardworking and their attitude to get through their hardship. By the time Korean war ended, the situation would definitely be so hard for them. They struggled so hard and within only short period of time, they came so far.

May the peace would always be with this peninsula.

Our lunch was a bit rush because of my misunderstanding on ferry time to Oedo. (If my travel partner gets to read this entry, I bet he’s rolling his eyes now : P) I got a chance to try Meongge Bibimbap. The restaurant is right in front of P.O.W. camp. So we had no need to travel too far.

Meongge bibimbap is rice mixed with fresh oyster. I had it with seaweed soup and other eight side dishes. The side dishes I saw in this Southern part of Korea are different from Seoul or Daejeon also. The ingredients can tell you already that this area is coastal area. Well, some said we can study people’s way of life by the food they eat.

If you like fresh oyster, this bibimbap is for you. Mixing with crispy seaweed, local taste kimchi and hot rice, it’s new flavor for my tongue. Not that bad, even though I don’t really like raw stuff. It’s the dish that can get you the feeling of the sea.


Well, due to my misunderstanding, we arrived the Jangseungpo ferry terminal 30 minute early. Luckily, around that area it’s just nice to hang around and chill out. Here are some shots I snapped from the ferry terminal.

Our ferry route was Geoje Haegeumgang Island – Oedo Island. It took us about 3 hours for the whole trip. Though it’s just a short trip, they got the emergency instruction lecture for us during the time we departed from the port.

After departing for awhile, the captain allowed us to go to rooftop. I dare saying that this part of the trip made my day that day. On the rooftop, wherever you turn, all you can see is just to horizon where the sky meets the ocean. That skyline with that ocean line. When two greatest nature meet each other. I guess there are not enough words that can describe that big feeling.

Plus with these seagulls, this ferry trip is just completely perfect already.

After feeding the seagulls for awhile, we stopped by Haeguemgang. Our captain told us the story about this place. Unfortunately, all is in Korean. It’s a bit hard because of my broken Korean. Yet as I know, it’s one part of Hallyeo Marine National Park. Nice place to hang around for sunrise and sunset. The scenery of natural cave and cliff is quite stunning.

Last stop for today is Oedo – Oedo Botania. We got free time on Oedo for 1 hour and half. Oedo is not so big but because there are so many things to sightseeing around. I warned you to watch your time. If not, you might miss your ferry back to Geoje because of this charming place.

Oedo Botania is the perfect combination of art and nature. The architecture did a great job with the landscape. Stair garden with this breathtaking ocean view is just right.

Here the weather is warmer than Northern part of Korea. It’s quite hard to leave this place. Make sure you got nice camera with you when you get to visit Oedo. You wouldn’t get enough of it.

Back to Geoje, we ended up our day walking around downtown area. As I mentioned before, Geoje is small town. You can get the feeling of some old school K-drama such as Reply within this town. Not so dynamic as Busan, it got its charm in its own way.

And one of the things I proudly present from this trip is this dish, Haemul-jjim. Super, duper yummy and nicest meal so far for this 3 days 2 nights trip. At first we planned to have Daegu-tang, one of specialties in this region. Searching for almost every shop, we realized that it’s not available. We ended up with this restaurant. It’s super new one and the reason we chose this restaurant was just because the auntie looked so kind.

 Luckily, my sense of eating is always correct. Though the price might be a bit expensive, the taste, the quality of ingredient and the texture of this dish is just perfect. Bit spicy but so tasty. Plus with super fresh and high quality seafood. We have done our day in Geoje in complete way.



This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.

Windy, one fine day in Busan

Not so sure about other countries, but in my country, they said whenever you feel down, sea is the right place for you to go.

I didn’t feel down, sad, depressed or whatsoever. But last week, I caught the train to Busan with one of my friends. (Hmmm, not to follow the Korean movie though, haha)

Our compact three days two nights trip in three cities in Southern part of Korea and yes, all are nearby the sea.

I can say it’s our Korean Southern sea discovery trip. We started our trip with Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea.

And more special thing for this trip, we went to Busan by KTX! Even though it’s not my first time, I’m still fascinated with this high-speed train.

Here we come, Busan.

After arriving Busan, we headed straight to Gamcheon Cultural Village nearby Jagalchi Station. There I got to see how great Busan tourism support system is. One kind Ahjumma (‘Auntie’ in Korean word) walked straight to us and helped us with both, our luggage storage and the direction to bus stop where we can take bus to Gamchoen Village.

First 10 point to Busan! (Well, I’m Harry Potter Fan and still get so involved with Fantastic Beast and Where to find Them. Don’t mind me, please haha)

And this is our first destination of this trip, Gamcheon Cultural Village.

This village was built in unique stairs-shape. It was called as “Machu Picchu of Busan”. Inside this tight community, the villagers still maintain their own way of close community culture. The close tight among villagers help this village to still alive. Plus with mural and sculpture arts around the village, I felt like this charming village is the place where close, tight and warm-heart feeling can meet art in harmonious way somehow.

Done with Gamcheon Village, it’s about the time of our lunch time and since the fish market is so nearby, we decided to have lunch in one restaurant there.

We ended up reading our menu and waiting with our watering mouth in 충무횟집 restaurant. Great location of Busan that’s nearby the sea together with home-cooking style of the restaurant is like our guarantee that our Saengseon-gui (Grilled Fish) and Haemul Pajeon (Korean-style Seafood Pancake) would taste great.

When the food came, it’s almost gone with in only one wink because of our hunger. (Well, or maybe only my own hunger according to my travel partner :-p)

After lunch, we walked around the Jagalchi Market and found out that from that point it’s super easy and so near to one of our stops, Yeongdodaegyo Bridge. We got to see the local way of living which is totally different from Seoulites’ lifestyle. I reminded me the real feeling of market back in my home country somehow. They got their own way to follow. But the social bond is still so closed and I still can feel it in Busan air though Busan got to be one of big cities in Korea also. Moreover, the pathway to go is so nice to be true under this kind and nice weather.

No need that much words to describe. I’ll let my camera show you the moments I captured along the way to the bridge.

Yeongdodaegyo Bridge is waiting under Busan clear, blue sky. It’s the only one single-leaf bascule bridge in Korea so far. But the most interesting than that, the bridge would lift up on one side everyday on 2pm to 2.15pm to let the big ships or vessels pass by.

Unfortunately, we saw it lifted up from far away yet when we reached there, it’s already closed. (LOL)

Anyway, the atmosphere around the bridge area was so nice and great for chilling out, sitting and letting the wind blow your face. Feel the fresh air from the sea. Highly recommended, especially for sunny day.

Next stopping point was BIFF Square, well-known and super famous youth place in Busan. It’s also known as the ‘Star Street’ for Busan Film festival. Tracking back to its history, BIFF square came so far from the place that got only some several cinemas to this point.

Though it’s energetic place with tons of teenagers but I still can see the local way of living as one combination within the same area. And well, my main reason to come here is for this famous Hotteok, Korean style pancake.

Unlike normal hotteok from other places, hotteok from BIFF Square famous stall, 씨앗호떡, they put various kind of seeds with red sugar. Having this hot hotteok in this cold weather (it’s beginning of winter here in Korea) is kinda like a small happiness.

Hanging around this place for awhile, we headed to our hotel to check in and come back for our Busan Night Bus Tour. It’s one of the activities we chose for this trip. I was a bit thrilled to see what Busan would get for us during the night time.

The bus is super huge and comfortable. They got 2 levels for you to choose. I recommended you to book in advance for anyone who wants to get the seat in the rooftop. It would be clearer and you can get the nicer scenery up there. But if it’s too cold or too windy for you, you can choose to sit on the first level also.

(Plus, the driver is super duper friendly. Even though he misunderstood that I’m Taiwanese and kept talking to me in Chinese. I guess it’s because the word ‘Thailand’ can sound familiar to ‘Taiwan’ somehow. Haha)

Since Busan is nearby the sea and we need to pass by a lot of bridges. Those bridges with the light is highlight of Busan in the night time.

For now, let me show you what Busan got for us during the night time.

Our last destination of today was Night Market for our late supper (which might not good with our calories calculator and belly but nice for our heart and stomach. :P) Unluckily, the market is closed despite they said in front of the market that they’re closed at 12am. Better just check the time with tourist information.

Since BIFF Square is nearby, we walked back and let our stomach problem solved by local Ahjumma Pochangmaja, street food tent. You might see this kind of shop a lot in Korean dramas. I can tell you that it’s a great experience to follow the local. When in Korea, do as Korean do. Just enjoy eating :-p

Ended up our night in Hotel O Happy. It’s a bit far from Busan downtown yet only one station from bus terminal that we had to take the day after that. Anyway, with this cozy and super comfy bed, I dare say Busan is too good to be true.

: )


This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.