Follow your passion

Lots of people asked my mom when I chose my major first time.

How come you let your daughter majoring in sociology?

Her answer always fascinates them. She comes up with her research on job vacancy, requiring sociology major. But beyond that, it’s because she believes and puts her faith in my passion.

She believes if I get to do what I love, I will do it well.

And yes, both of us never imagine life can come this far, by following my passion.


There’s so many times I feel tired, discouraged, or even considering giving up.

Especially after the period of Master’s degree had started.

Studying in third language is harder than I have imagined.

I compare myself doing my course in third language with other people who, at least in my opinion, get to do it in English. There’s so many times I imagined myself changing major to anything that’s taught in English or whatsoever.

Ended up, I really cannot imagine myself doing other major. I already fell for my major, it’s my passion since the beginning.

Though on the way I feel exhausted, I find out that it’s too hard, I still enjoy knowing new things and expanding myself in this major.

Well, maybe it’s the same reason as my mom had said before.

Follow your passion and you will find your own way.





I finished registering my courses for this coming semester.

Right after that I went on trip with my friends for Chinese New Year. Though it’s time for people to travel, most of the shops or even big malls were all closed during this holiday.

I was overwhelmed in my own ocean of thought and worriness.

I’m worried about my past, my present and my future. Everyone keeps saying studying is easier than working. Yet deep inside I do feel that everybody got our own hardship to get through and it’s incomparable.

I promised to myself to live my life happier. I would like to work harder for my study but I want to enjoy my free time with the things I love to do. Reading, writing, photography, and traveling.

I do need to learn how to make balance with my work-life balance. Together with my health, physically and mentally.

I need to learn how to focus and concentrate more on my own business and leave the others’ as it’s orhers ’. Learning to surround myself with positive vibes and learning how to protect myself from negative ones are also necessary. This, I guess, will be my way to live for this coming semester.

I do hope this will work and I’d like to see the result by the end of this semester.

Last of the Last

My first count down in my life was on New Year Eve in Thailand when I was in primary school. I was on the stadium with my mom and we counted down for the new coming year with thousands of people there.

All I remember was that we waited until the end since they drew lots for New Year present. Ended up we got one electronic fan with us back home. Then, I never got to go back for any New Year count down again because I started to hate crowded places and preferred counting down in my house with my book and blanket instead.

Still, I like to count down. Not really for New Year. But at the very last moment of anything, I would start to count down how many days have left. By that time, I’ll realize that from 30 days that seems a lot, then slowly decrease to 20, and then last 10 days will come so fast, too fast until you feel like pressing the pause button to take a break before goodbye stage will really come.

I count down to remind myself how many days to go and also to tell myself to seize those precious days with the places I want to go, the things I want to do, and the people I love to spend time with. Since life can be so short, you would never know when will be next time that you’ll get to go, to do or to meet them again.

One thing that counting down my day has never let me down is that I’d never regret later when I look back to my time. It might be sad to move on to next chapter of our life but at least, you know that you already enjoy and indulge every single second of those last moment periods.

My last 10 days in Daejeon for language course is coming and I’ll make sure that I’ll not regret later.


PS. It’s super hot but Korea summer sky will also never let you down.;-)

From the middle of emotional storm

Last month in Daejeon is arriving. Time does flies, especially during this season of your life, summer. During the period of growing up to be real adult, it’s time for you to learn dealing with your life. Responsibility, career, relationship. Learn how to manage the work, how to compromise between your dream and the truth, how to blend in with bunch of people.

In terms of responsibility and career, thanks to my mom who helps teaching me how to manage and organize the stuffs since I was young. When I was 11 years old, she gave me my first planner and taught me how to use it properly (Yes, since you cannot really expect grade-5 student to understand this thing well by herself). After that, I started buying myself yearly (or half-year) planner every year. Organizing skill turns to be my nature of doing thing. Once it even reached the point that made me feel scared since I turned to be too detailed in every single things I do. Luckily, these days I’m getting better with it. I keep reminding myself that good music follows the note but also needs some improvise.

And though you think you’ve learned and passed so much lesson about human and relationship, you never get to know it well enough. Meeting new people will broaden your thought and idea on human. The more new people (or if I’m lucky enough, new friends) I meet, the more I realize that human is such a fantastic and also complicated living thing you’ll ever meet.

Me, myself I don’t really trust first impression. According to my own experience, my first impressions of (almost all of) my closed friends are not really good, or not really clicked. But once I get to know them more, they always get me the eagerness to know these people in deeper way, to explore more on their thought, to share my life with them more. Sometimes, for some people, I got limited time with them. But since they are too nice to be true (haha), I always feel like enhancing my time, or else, freezing the time in order to spend more time and enjoy my life with them more. It might depend on luck but I’m quite lucky enough to get some this kind of friends. And most of them turn to be my friends for life in long term.

But in the other way, some people might make you feel the opposite side. During this short period of my life, sometimes I believe that for some people, you’d better know them only for some period of time and not get to be too closed. For some people, they get some limit or you can call border to reach. Over than that, you might know each other ‘too well’ and that might lead to downturn of the relationship for some reasons. You might discover that you cannot be clicked enough with them. Or you might get to know them too well and see the other side, that persons also but from different side that you have never seen before and that might not fit with your way of living.


Well, sounds so complicated and might get you some headache. But this is what was in my mind these several weeks ago. Time for me to let it go and don’t think of these stuffs that much as one of my friends said I shouldn’t take everything as my responsibility. (LOL this is really mama’s girl!) I intend to enjoy my last month in Daejeon with smile and laughing everyday until the end. Time to get rid of negative power and charge my power with positive mind.


(Throwback to one of my best days in Daejeon. When the birthday girl turned to be photographer for her birthday also. haha)

Another storyteller

When I was young, my mom liked to read me the fairy tales. When she felt lazy, she bought the cassette tape with fairy tale stories and played it for me until I fell asleep. And right after I started to learn how to read, she stopped reading for me and asked me to read for her instead. I was eager to know the story and I guess that how I started to love reading and turn to be bookworm. I love the feeling of flipping the paper and I love the feeling of imagining the things describing in those stories. I’m always getting excited to read new books and get through the new adventure.

And when I reach to some point, I feel like writing. Two of my closed friends just told me last week that I really love talking (well, only with the closed ones I guess haha). I guess I like telling the stories also. Different from talking, writing needs time and effort to arrange the stories. You need to clarify your content in easy way and express it out in systematic way so they can understand your thought and you can send our your message correctly.

And the reason why I love writing is because I feel like I can get time to talk with myself when I write.

And yes, as you can see I love writing blog. Especially, on traveling as you can see from my blog updating. Starting from last year until now. I love telling the stories and the thoughts I found out during the time I traveled.

But I rarely know how my travel partner thinks about our trip. So it always fascinates me getting to read or know the same stories from other perspective. You might miss some chance to take a look to some places more carefully, or notice some people during the trip. Talking with your travel partners from last trip how it was might lead you to another memorable moments back there in your memories.


I just realized this from my last school holiday trip in Seoul last spring. I have to admit that I’ve been traveled to Seoul so many times. Though I didn’t expect myself to, still I always get something up to do in Seoul. Sometimes for speech competition, for renewing my passport, for meeting family and friends, for meeting professors. And last spring holiday, I went on a trip to Seoul with one of my best friends from Thailand.

She didn’t stay with me that long enough until now so I still can ask her how our trip was. But instead of talking, she wrote some blogs. I got to read through her stories and I get to see my own diary yet written through my friend’s eyes. Same stories but from different perspective.

So can I still say it the same story?

I’ll leave her link after this entry end. She hasn’t finished updating so far but you can see how fun our trip was so far and you might get something in your mind in case you would travel to Seoul in the future.

But this is the thing that I realized from our trip together.

To travel somewhere, it’s not about the destination or how good it was. Sometimes the destination is nothing. Seoul is just Seoul for me already. I walk there until my feeling to Seoul was just like other capital city. But the main point of traveling is with whom you travel with (Well, unless it’s solo trip, then you get time to talk with yourself).

Some people make you feel more tired, some people make you feel so energetic, some people make you feel relaxed or some people make you feel like home.

I did feel like last trip with her warm up my heart and secure my anxiety of graduate school life. I still have no idea what will happen in the future but as I know, my inner power was charged and I hope it’ll be strong enough to get pass all of those coming hardship.

Thank you for bringing home atmosphere here with you and take care until we meet again.


Feel free to check her stories here. This girl also got some interesting stories to share with you.

Five starred-scene

Once, I read one pocket book, telling about behind-the-scene for one Thai movie.

There was one chapter, writing about this movie director’s way of working. He said at first he put his whole time for every single detail in his movie. They finished their work late night everyday. Sometimes their schedule went messy since he didn’t let anything go at all.

Until his senior told him that while shooting the movie, he needs to learn how to star each scene. Let say some scene is really important and supposed to be neat. If so, give them 5 stars. If not, decrease their star to 4 or 3 stars.

He wrote that it’s not that he didn’t know it since the beginning yet it’s his first movie in his life. He just wanted to do his best. But in the end, working experience and life experience just taught him that sometimes we need to choose.


And yes, finally, he learned to star the scene properly. Some he gave 5, some 4 or some got only 3.


This book just suddenly popped up in my mind because honestly I also got similar way of working with this director.

If I can, I would like to put all of my effort to all of my work. I have never calculated, I have never come up with any technique.

I spend all of my energy. If I can, I might even sell my soul already. (LOL)

Until sometimes I got to be sick.

But I never learn. I always just make joke with myself after hard working that I’ll reborn and just work like that again.


But right now, I just realized that if our life has got so many things to do, maybe it’s time to star our ‘a must’.

Something might be so important but something might not. I need to learn how to make balance and just divide my star in the right way.

If not that important, just get my star back.

If it is, just star them more.

Decrease my craziness and just let the stars work for me.

Who knows, I might get to sit and discover what my ‘really’ important thing is.



Dear my inner cycle

After my last school vacation, I buried myself with tons of books and manga. I, suddenly, would like to shut myself out from the world for awhile.  (Well, I still check through my SNS everyday haha! but I don’t really follow any news or drama so crazy as before). Not like I don’t want to know what happened here or there, it’s just I got my mood to dig more in deep side of human. It turned out that I escaped back to my books. Getting to understand human from other way. (Yes, one of those books is Norwegian Wood by Murakami because I want to dig more to human mind. It caused my friend who kept asking for the innocent me that’s he thought already gone somewhere forever.)

In the end, book can cover some. And the thing I got back from indulging myself with literature is my power of concentration which I had lost it somewhere long time ago.

Until the time comes, thanks to my friend helping remind me that I left my blog for long time already.

Updating blog, though it’s one of my pleasure to do, turns to be hard when you feel like your life gets not that much interesting story as before. I didn’t get to travel to some new places, I didn’t get to have exciting trip, I didn’t get to meet much new people. During last vacation, I organized to meet a lot of friends, my professors. Some I consider them far from just normal acquaintances. They are just alike my sister, my brother. Well, I even call one of my friends as another mom! haha

After that, these days, other than books (I rarely study Korean, honestly haha), I spend my time with the group of my closed friends. We cook, we eat, we talk. And yes, we get to laugh a lot because of these gatherings. I have no idea about the other but me, myself, I’m getting to be more calm and stable with myself. I feel so warm deep inside my heart after every dinner we had together and I always get nice, tight sleep by those nights.

Quite strange, but surrounding myself with people I love and feel comfortable with turns to be my current pleasure. This does surprise me somehow. Since normally,  I’m that type of persons who’s super easy to get bored. I prefer new adventure or trip to somewhere rather than daily routine.

Or else, human needs their own circle to keep their battery charged. No matters how many adventurous or interesting stories you have experienced, it doesn’t really mean that much if you have no one you would like to share it with. I might get to travel a lot and experience so much on this world. Yet, if I have to keep all of these experiences to myself, my happiness couldn’t lead up to that level.

The level that could only be reached by sharing with someone.

Besides sharing your happiness with someone, it’s also with whom you share it with. I consider myself for socialized side as onion. (Sound wrong for some reason, isn’t it?) As I said, I’m super easy to get bored. I, thus, bring myself to experience new things. Extra activities in school, exchange program, volunteer activities. All of these got me tons of acquaintances whose some become to be friends, closed friends, and best friends.

When you get to know new people, you learn about them by every factor. Their first impression, their conversation, their interest, their aura you feel. Getting to talk and stay with them a bit more, you’ll learn where to place them in your life.

That’s the way I create my onion. It’s the zone of people around myself. Outer cycle, middle one, and inner one. The inner you are, the more I know they can accept the true me. I can freely be myself with these people. I know that it’s safe and sound enough for them to be there. Mostly these people are always the one whom I would like to share my stories with. In the other way, they always turn to be there when I need someone.

I’m always grateful for having them in my life. But sometimes, I also get to ignore some from my inner circle which the feeling of being ignored turn to hurt me in the same way. Once, I was obsessed, thinking too much on this, considering and blaming myself as those who overlooks the friendship and love my inner circle give to me. Talking with myself for awhile, I patted my shoulder, complementing myself for at least feeling hurtful by this and telling myself to try paying attention and caring a bit more to my inner circle. I’m not that good with it now, still I’m trying my best.


Turn out this blog is super long with only the text haha!

I promised to myself to read more and write more. Hope I still can keep this promise to myself.

Until next time. (Not as long as last time, I promise)



(I wonder if the owners of these feet still remember where they were taken and whose they are haha!)