Another storyteller

When I was young, my mom liked to read me the fairy tales. When she felt lazy, she bought the cassette tape with fairy tale stories and played it for me until I fell asleep. And right after I started to learn how to read, she stopped reading for me and asked me to read for her instead. I was eager to know the story and I guess that how I started to love reading and turn to be bookworm. I love the feeling of flipping the paper and I love the feeling of imagining the things describing in those stories. I’m always getting excited to read new books and get through the new adventure.

And when I reach to some point, I feel like writing. Two of my closed friends just told me last week that I really love talking (well, only with the closed ones I guess haha). I guess I like telling the stories also. Different from talking, writing needs time and effort to arrange the stories. You need to clarify your content in easy way and express it out in systematic way so they can understand your thought and you can send our your message correctly.

And the reason why I love writing is because I feel like I can get time to talk with myself when I write.

And yes, as you can see I love writing blog. Especially, on traveling as you can see from my blog updating. Starting from last year until now. I love telling the stories and the thoughts I found out during the time I traveled.

But I rarely know how my travel partner thinks about our trip. So it always fascinates me getting to read or know the same stories from other perspective. You might miss some chance to take a look to some places more carefully, or notice some people during the trip. Talking with your travel partners from last trip how it was might lead you to another memorable moments back there in your memories.


I just realized this from my last school holiday trip in Seoul last spring. I have to admit that I’ve been traveled to Seoul so many times. Though I didn’t expect myself to, still I always get something up to do in Seoul. Sometimes for speech competition, for renewing my passport, for meeting family and friends, for meeting professors. And last spring holiday, I went on a trip to Seoul with one of my best friends from Thailand.

She didn’t stay with me that long enough until now so I still can ask her how our trip was. But instead of talking, she wrote some blogs. I got to read through her stories and I get to see my own diary yet written through my friend’s eyes. Same stories but from different perspective.

So can I still say it the same story?

I’ll leave her link after this entry end. She hasn’t finished updating so far but you can see how fun our trip was so far and you might get something in your mind in case you would travel to Seoul in the future.

But this is the thing that I realized from our trip together.

To travel somewhere, it’s not about the destination or how good it was. Sometimes the destination is nothing. Seoul is just Seoul for me already. I walk there until my feeling to Seoul was just like other capital city. But the main point of traveling is with whom you travel with (Well, unless it’s solo trip, then you get time to talk with yourself).

Some people make you feel more tired, some people make you feel so energetic, some people make you feel relaxed or some people make you feel like home.

I did feel like last trip with her warm up my heart and secure my anxiety of graduate school life. I still have no idea what will happen in the future but as I know, my inner power was charged and I hope it’ll be strong enough to get pass all of those coming hardship.

Thank you for bringing home atmosphere here with you and take care until we meet again.


Feel free to check her stories here. This girl also got some interesting stories to share with you.


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