Five starred-scene

Once, I read one pocket book, telling about behind-the-scene for one Thai movie.

There was one chapter, writing about this movie director’s way of working. He said at first he put his whole time for every single detail in his movie. They finished their work late night everyday. Sometimes their schedule went messy since he didn’t let anything go at all.

Until his senior told him that while shooting the movie, he needs to learn how to star each scene. Let say some scene is really important and supposed to be neat. If so, give them 5 stars. If not, decrease their star to 4 or 3 stars.

He wrote that it’s not that he didn’t know it since the beginning yet it’s his first movie in his life. He just wanted to do his best. But in the end, working experience and life experience just taught him that sometimes we need to choose.


And yes, finally, he learned to star the scene properly. Some he gave 5, some 4 or some got only 3.


This book just suddenly popped up in my mind because honestly I also got similar way of working with this director.

If I can, I would like to put all of my effort to all of my work. I have never calculated, I have never come up with any technique.

I spend all of my energy. If I can, I might even sell my soul already. (LOL)

Until sometimes I got to be sick.

But I never learn. I always just make joke with myself after hard working that I’ll reborn and just work like that again.


But right now, I just realized that if our life has got so many things to do, maybe it’s time to star our ‘a must’.

Something might be so important but something might not. I need to learn how to make balance and just divide my star in the right way.

If not that important, just get my star back.

If it is, just star them more.

Decrease my craziness and just let the stars work for me.

Who knows, I might get to sit and discover what my ‘really’ important thing is.




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