Beauty by the eyes of beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

There are so many times we judge,

We judge that there is nothing in some places.

We judge that there is no good in something.

We judge that there is no reason to even talk with someone.

All is by the reason that ‘they said that…’

Some places, something, someone that we perceived could be so different.

Some places, something, someone always get some hidden beauty inside, waiting for the right one who can see.

It depends on us whether we are open-minded and open our eyes big enough to find it out

or we will just wait for those ‘they’ to keep telling us the information.

Sometimes, if you do not get to perceive directly by your own, you would never be able to judge those things.

Since no matters what, indirect experiences, provided by the others, cannot always tell you the truth that you might perceive it by your own as same as our direct experience.

As I mentioned before,

Beauty is in the the eye of beholder.

So let me ask you one question,

Between the eyes with open-minded and the eyes that already half-closed by bias,

what kind of eyes would be able to perceive the beauty better?




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