Once in Jinhae

Asking some Japanese where to see the sakura, they might say Ueno Park.

But if you ask some Korean, they’d definitely say ‘Jinhae’.

Jinhae is one small city in the southern park of Korea. You can travel by bus from Busan within only one hour. There is direct bus from Seoul to Jinhae also if you are more comfortable in that way. In my case, my friends and I traveled from Daejeon to Busan by train. We spent one night in Busan and took bus in the morning to Jinhae.

Since this festival is super popular, especially among Korean themselves, it’s my first time seeing this much Korean in only one place. (Over)estimating by my (biased) eyes, maybe exceed one millions. (Haaa) We needed to queue up for everything and we were about to miss the train back to Daejeon because we queued for the bus.

Even though it’s super rush and furious trip, I realized that somehow the meaning of traveling is not where we go but with whom we go with.

The one that can even make our trip more memorable than the destination itself.:)

I wouldn’t talk that much on this entry but I’ll let my cherry blossom show you how nice it was.

PS. Sorry that I broke my promise to update about snow trip but I came up with this cherry blossom as an apology. XD


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