It’s about the depth not the length.


Once she stopped rushing through life. She was amazed how much more life she had time for. – Unknown

It’s been a while I didn’t updated my blog. Asking me what I was busy for, my answer would be ‘living my life’.

Right now, I’m trying to slow down my pace. I reduce my schedule for one day. Stop pushing myself by my own deadline that’s too pressured. I’m eating healthier, sleeping more healthier and doing the things that make me feel happier. I travel when my feet ask for some adventure. I even start writing some more articles on the topic that I would like to do for such a long time ago. I’m trying to live my life in more balance way between my duty and my happiness.

In conclusion, I’m trying to make more quality time for myself.

Other than my own private life, I try more to care less about other’s opinion. Joe (from Princess Diary Movie, one of my most favorite forever!) said that “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”. I do agree with him though. I’m living in the way that I prefer to do. No matter what the others think, if they know me well enough, I think they’ll understand and accept me with my own way.

I used to be the one who considers too much on success and failure. But then I realized that none of them is permanent. It comes and it goes. We do learn something from every step of our life. I shouldn’t be afraid of failure and not too overexcited for success. I just need to embrace it as one part of me. The part that makes me who I am for now.

Nothing is useless and nothing to regret.

Short updated for now. I’m coming back after my TOPIK exam in March for last snow blog update from Chungcheon. (Long time ago trip with school haha)


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