Way to Neverland

Last Chinese New Year, my junior invited me to her apartment to cook and have party with her friends.

After cooking tom-yum without any instant paste for the first time in my life and finishing all of the food we cooked together, we started playing our games.

Almost everyone there was undergraduate students. They are still so young, so wild, so funny, so crazy and a bit insane. haha

Sitting with all of them there remind me my university life and my exchange life in Daejeon three years ago. I was energized sitting there, playing game, laughing with their jokes.

Other day, I went to ice-skating place with them. All of the kids played much more better than me who just slowly moved myself about the skating place. Ended up I fell down three times and I recovered within 3 days.

I didn’t really think that much until the time I went to the bookstore. I got to see one book. It’s about our childhood. From that point, I started to discover more on myself.

Once I got to be asked what kind of person I want to be in the future. It’s really hard question that I had never ever been able to answer it.

On that day, I realized the importance of being youth.

When the world is really big place and there are so many things to wonder around. Together with us, who are still young. Nothing to be worried about. Everything is interesting and chance to learn more on the world. We’re curious about everything around us and we’re not afraid to try.

Sometimes it might get us to hurt but that curiosity is stronger.

I don’t want to lose my feeling of being that energized youth. That’s the type of person I would like to be.

The adult who has never forgotten the youth.

Somewhat this idea reminded me Peter Pan and Little Prince.

Both of them are those people who keep reminding us not to forget the youth but also not to be afraid of being adult.

As Little Prince said, “Growing up is not a problem. Forgetting is.”

Don’t afraid to fall down. Don’t afraid to experience the failure.

Someone that I want to be.



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