Message from another me.

New Year just passed but it seems like I got some problems with my time management and my mind turned to be more doomed with tons of thoughts and emotional stuffs I made it up by myself.

Then, while writing my diary yesterday and sliding through my twitter’s timeline last night, I found out one page of my diary two years ago that I took photo and uploaded it on my twitter account in case I want to re-read it again.

I did that since that day I wrote to myself in the future and with that complicated mind, her writing (me in the past) just came at the right time.

This is the message that another me wrote to me.



I almost finished this diary and our semester is almost done. The tumult happened to me during a short period of time. But when some kind of determination came up, all I can hope to myself is that enthusiasm would not fade away that easily.

Zig Ziglar said that ‘I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.’

I would have just kept my extraordinary determination. No need to pay attention to the others’ path, where they would go, or neither how far they are. I’ll just go on my own path. Fast or slow, it would just be my own speed that I can cope with. If I fail, I’ll just do it again. I’ll just keep continue doing it since no matter how the result is I’ll still be alive and can try again as long as I want to. I’ll just do my best with it. Focus on it. I did choose this path by myself. I have to believe and keep the faith on the choice I chose. Even though I might be disappointed because of it, cry, angry, or I might want to give up, one thing I want to tell myself in the future is that you are allowed to be tired, to feel dejected, to feel like giving up, to fall down. But I just want to remind you that you are always able to get up and continue.

Don’t leave your extraordinary determination. It might take short or long period of time to be successful but everything is experience. It would teach you in somehow no matter what.

Don’t lose faith in yourself. Don’t look down on yourself but also stay humble and don’t be vain. Always gather your mind, that’s the important point.

Don’t pay attention to the others, and also the way they look at you. You only need to know who you are and what you are doing. That’s enough.

Remember that only one person that you need to overcome is your own self.


Reading this helped me gather my mind. Everything just suddenly turned to be brighter. I’m still going on my own way, my own speed. That’s enough.

Hardest part for me is I still compare myself with others in some way. This message from another me just reminded me to focus on my own way.

Yes, since everyone is unique and special in their own way. Why I have to compare myself with anyone?



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