The importance of resolution

 Last month of 2016 comes so fast. A lot more faster than I had expected it to be. By this time last year, I was trying to finish all of my part time job and meeting some of my friends from exchange program in Bangkok. I wanted to start my new year without any burdensome feeling. Fresh start always leads to fresh coming year, I believe.

I realized that it’s quite a long time I didn’t updated my blog about life and thought. Almost every entry focuses on traveling and my trip. Some deep talk becomes less and less in my life when life turns to be fast and furious.

Sometimes, slowing down the speed of our life is needed.

Something good always comes from the concentration, effort, hardworking and dedication. Well, and most important thing, heart.

Almost every year, I’ll write my resolution before December comes. (hmm I always finish my schedule before December that’s why I write it earlier than normal people). But well, this year, I didn’t do that.

Not that I don’t have, but the resolution somehow can pressure me too much. It turns to be my commitment, the thing I force myself to follow too much.

Living a bit more free is what I need.

So far, I have never known what I want to be specialized. I know sociology is the answer but what’s inside the sociology since this field is too broad. I tried harder and harder to find myself. End up feeling too exhausted with too much expectation on my own self.

Setting your goal is important, but sometimes you need to walk out of the normal path to experience more on the world. Like this, you might discover another side of yourself that you’ve never known before.

That’s my only one resolution for this coming 2017.

I want to experience life in deeper way. I will try indulging myself with small number of the things around myself, but in deeper way. I would like to slow down my speed of living and deepen my mind with the moment that I’ll have, the things that I’ll do, the people that I’ll meet. I’ll give more time for everything. I’ll enjoy everything that gets pass through my life more than before.

It would be hard, but I’ll try my best.; )

Thank you 2016 for being such a great year for growing up and nice to meet you, 2017.



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