Cloudy day in Tongyeong

Done with our trip in Geoje, our last day of the trip was in Tongyeong. We took bus only 30 minutes to Tongyeong Bus Terminal. After putting all of our stuffs in the locker, we are more than ready to visit Tongyeong.

We took bus at the bus stop right in front of bus terminal. Our first destination of the day was Mireuksan, one of the 100 best mountains in Korea. From what I saw on the internet while preparing myself for this trip, the scenery is breathtaking until I couldn’t wait to see the real one.

Getting down from the bus, we followed one Korean guy until we reached the Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway station. From this ground station, we can take cable car to the summit station, directly to the summit of Mireuksan without doing hiking by outselves at all.

Due to our limit of time (and yes, our bodies), we decided to take cable car to the summit station for round trip. We got to take cable car with one Korean family. They are quite nice and really well manner. I just enjoyed the scenery and took some photos all along the way. Within only around 15 minutes, we reached the summit of Mireuksan.

Up there, the facilities are more than enough. They got the resting point for you to sit and enjoy the scenery (that day it was occupied by all of Korean Ahjummas and Ahjusshis). Together with some coffee shop and snack bars, you can just sip your coffee in the sky lounge or outside while enjoying the panorama view of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park.


I dare say this point is just a starter. We followed the guide signs to see the real summit of Mireuksan. Luckily, that day it was quite crowded since it’s Sunday. All we need to do was just following other people.

Walking along the way itself is quite pleasant walk already. But at the moment we reached the top, it’s the moment when all of your energy to travel this far paid off. Mireuksan is one of the destinations during this trip that I expected quite a lot and he didn’t let my down at all.

It took us a long time there because we really cannot take ourselves out of this place. This magnificent view is too charming. It’s the first time I feel like no matter how I snapped my shutter, the photo would come out nicely. Hahaa

After that, at first we planned to stop by art gallery nearby and Yi Sun-Sin park yet unfortunately the weather was not so nice by that time. We changed our plan and went straight to Tongyeong Jung-ang Market and the Geobukseon warships instead.

The reason why we put Jung-ang market in our travel plan is because of me. Other than general food that’s sold in this market, they got two famous dishes so far which are Chungmu Kimbap and Kkulbbang (Honey bread). It’s one of my personal checkpoint that I really want to accomplish during this trip. weeheeee XD

Stepping in the market area, it really got that local feeling. At first, I thought Jagalchi Market is the most familiar place to local market back in my country already. But Tongyeong Jung-ang is even more familiar. I feel like going back home for some reason. It’s super lively and you can really get to see the way Southern part of Korean’s life.

We walked pass by a lot of honey bread shops. Every shops got you some testers which makes it even harder to me to decide where to stop. In the end, my travel partner just randomly chose one of Ahjumma’s shop named 꿀봉이 and tried the tester there. (I can see that he didn’t really get to excited with it until he tried. haha Pad myself for good sense of food.)

Kkulbbang is fried bread and inside got different flavor such as red bean, sweet potatoes and so on. Outside it’s coated by sweet honey and topped by white sesame. Such a perfect combination. Typing about its taste still can make my mouth watering. And well, instead of one box, we ended up buying two big boxes of honey bread back to Daejeon. hehe

Right after getting my beloved honey bread, we stopped at one Chungmu Kimbap shop called 명가충무김밥. Only one menu inside this restaurant is Chungmu Kimbap. First impression is just plain rice rolled with seaweed. Being served separately with spicy squid and radish. Personally, I don’t really like eating kimbap since it’s cold food.

But the spiciness of squid made some different. The taste is quite strong and it’s just nice with plain kimbap that’s served together. We finished it in no time. For me, I feel like this dish is comfort food that the local would just have. You can get that feeling when it was in your mouth.

One of my professors once told me in anthropology class that if we want to get to know the others, their food can tell us about the cultural background in some way.


After meal, we walked along the bay and sightseeing the local life. Around this place, it got the atmosphere of real life. Watching the fisherman doing his work, or trying to feed seagull for my travel partner to get the video he missed the day before by honey bread (but failed).


Last destination of this trip was Geobukseon Joseon warships. This exhibition is just around 5 minute walk from Jung-ang Market. This is the model of Geobukseon, famous Korean battle ship of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin used in Korea’s Imjin war against Japan by that time.

The exhibition itself will get you the feeling of normal exhibition. But the highlight point for us was Hanbok experience in marine army style. Also the rooftop is not bad. Nice spot for chilling and taking photos.

Then it came to the end of this trip. We sat at the bench nearby, eating some honey bread, talking and looking at the local people around. It’s right decision to end our trip at Tongyeong. Thank you for this warm welcome.

Until we meet again. : )


This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.

Another special thank goes to my travel partner, kkulbbang oppa (Your name will always change according to the thing we eat.), for standing my panic and this full of laughing trip. Southern sea of Korea got magic somehow. HAHA.


2 thoughts on “Cloudy day in Tongyeong

  1. Just wanted to ask .. You keep all you luggages at Tongyeong Bus terminal? So means they do have locker ya. I’ve been searching for this info but no avail. If yes then my problem solve. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes. There is. No worry. It’s quite convenient to travel in Tongyeong. Also, in front of the terminal they got tourism organization booth also.

      Nice time in Tongyeong.

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