Deep ocean with blue sky in Geoje

Right after Busan, we arrived Geoje in next early morning. Geoje greeted us with sunny and bright day. The atmosphere of small town is totally different than Busan. I felt a bit excited to see what this small town got for me.

Leaving our luggage in hotel which is not so far from the bus terminal, (Geoje or Gohyeon Bus Terminal is super small. Smallest one as I saw in Korea so far hahaa) we headed straight to our first destination in Geoje, Historic Park of Geojedo P.O.W. Camp.

To be honest, at first I didn’t pay that much attention to P.O.W. Personally, I’m easily getting afraid of this kind of figures. Maybe my imagination is too good, especially when it looks so real.

But since my friend said so that it’s a must in Geoje, I decided to put it in our plan and just followed. Well, in the end, I felt relieved that I didn’t cut it out. It’s quite interesting place. Especially for the one who is interested in Korean history, focusing on Korean war period.

P.O.W. brought us back to travel in the past. This camp was built during Korean war in order to accommodate the invaders from North side. It’s one of the place you can see how it used to be during the period of national division and how ideological conflicts affected during the cold war era.

With their story telling way that is simple but easy to understand, I was able to catch up with the things that happened easily. The detail is not too much or too boring. The technique of story telling is quite interesting also. They separated the exhibitions into the small ones. Each got only one theme to focus about. This 6.25 or Hall of the Korean War History is quite touching for me. We can see the damages from the war to citizens’ live. Only imagine about the family being departed by the others is quite hard already.

Not only one style of storytelling, they got some more with model which is interesting also. Walking through all of this park, you might get the feeling of people who used to live here back in that time. I know it might sound a bit creepy but you can get to learn something from the history in some way. Though we cannot travel back in time to fix it, we still can learn from our lesson in the past and know how to make it better.

One thing I’m impressed about Korea is that they are quite strong nation. Not in term of military, or power, I valued their hardworking and their attitude to get through their hardship. By the time Korean war ended, the situation would definitely be so hard for them. They struggled so hard and within only short period of time, they came so far.

May the peace would always be with this peninsula.

Our lunch was a bit rush because of my misunderstanding on ferry time to Oedo. (If my travel partner gets to read this entry, I bet he’s rolling his eyes now : P) I got a chance to try Meongge Bibimbap. The restaurant is right in front of P.O.W. camp. So we had no need to travel too far.

Meongge bibimbap is rice mixed with fresh oyster. I had it with seaweed soup and other eight side dishes. The side dishes I saw in this Southern part of Korea are different from Seoul or Daejeon also. The ingredients can tell you already that this area is coastal area. Well, some said we can study people’s way of life by the food they eat.

If you like fresh oyster, this bibimbap is for you. Mixing with crispy seaweed, local taste kimchi and hot rice, it’s new flavor for my tongue. Not that bad, even though I don’t really like raw stuff. It’s the dish that can get you the feeling of the sea.


Well, due to my misunderstanding, we arrived the Jangseungpo ferry terminal 30 minute early. Luckily, around that area it’s just nice to hang around and chill out. Here are some shots I snapped from the ferry terminal.

Our ferry route was Geoje Haegeumgang Island – Oedo Island. It took us about 3 hours for the whole trip. Though it’s just a short trip, they got the emergency instruction lecture for us during the time we departed from the port.

After departing for awhile, the captain allowed us to go to rooftop. I dare saying that this part of the trip made my day that day. On the rooftop, wherever you turn, all you can see is just to horizon where the sky meets the ocean. That skyline with that ocean line. When two greatest nature meet each other. I guess there are not enough words that can describe that big feeling.

Plus with these seagulls, this ferry trip is just completely perfect already.

After feeding the seagulls for awhile, we stopped by Haeguemgang. Our captain told us the story about this place. Unfortunately, all is in Korean. It’s a bit hard because of my broken Korean. Yet as I know, it’s one part of Hallyeo Marine National Park. Nice place to hang around for sunrise and sunset. The scenery of natural cave and cliff is quite stunning.

Last stop for today is Oedo – Oedo Botania. We got free time on Oedo for 1 hour and half. Oedo is not so big but because there are so many things to sightseeing around. I warned you to watch your time. If not, you might miss your ferry back to Geoje because of this charming place.

Oedo Botania is the perfect combination of art and nature. The architecture did a great job with the landscape. Stair garden with this breathtaking ocean view is just right.

Here the weather is warmer than Northern part of Korea. It’s quite hard to leave this place. Make sure you got nice camera with you when you get to visit Oedo. You wouldn’t get enough of it.

Back to Geoje, we ended up our day walking around downtown area. As I mentioned before, Geoje is small town. You can get the feeling of some old school K-drama such as Reply within this town. Not so dynamic as Busan, it got its charm in its own way.

And one of the things I proudly present from this trip is this dish, Haemul-jjim. Super, duper yummy and nicest meal so far for this 3 days 2 nights trip. At first we planned to have Daegu-tang, one of specialties in this region. Searching for almost every shop, we realized that it’s not available. We ended up with this restaurant. It’s super new one and the reason we chose this restaurant was just because the auntie looked so kind.

 Luckily, my sense of eating is always correct. Though the price might be a bit expensive, the taste, the quality of ingredient and the texture of this dish is just perfect. Bit spicy but so tasty. Plus with super fresh and high quality seafood. We have done our day in Geoje in complete way.



This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.


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