Windy, one fine day in Busan

Not so sure about other countries, but in my country, they said whenever you feel down, sea is the right place for you to go.

I didn’t feel down, sad, depressed or whatsoever. But last week, I caught the train to Busan with one of my friends. (Hmmm, not to follow the Korean movie though, haha)

Our compact three days two nights trip in three cities in Southern part of Korea and yes, all are nearby the sea.

I can say it’s our Korean Southern sea discovery trip. We started our trip with Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea.

And more special thing for this trip, we went to Busan by KTX! Even though it’s not my first time, I’m still fascinated with this high-speed train.

Here we come, Busan.

After arriving Busan, we headed straight to Gamcheon Cultural Village nearby Jagalchi Station. There I got to see how great Busan tourism support system is. One kind Ahjumma (‘Auntie’ in Korean word) walked straight to us and helped us with both, our luggage storage and the direction to bus stop where we can take bus to Gamchoen Village.

First 10 point to Busan! (Well, I’m Harry Potter Fan and still get so involved with Fantastic Beast and Where to find Them. Don’t mind me, please haha)

And this is our first destination of this trip, Gamcheon Cultural Village.

This village was built in unique stairs-shape. It was called as “Machu Picchu of Busan”. Inside this tight community, the villagers still maintain their own way of close community culture. The close tight among villagers help this village to still alive. Plus with mural and sculpture arts around the village, I felt like this charming village is the place where close, tight and warm-heart feeling can meet art in harmonious way somehow.

Done with Gamcheon Village, it’s about the time of our lunch time and since the fish market is so nearby, we decided to have lunch in one restaurant there.

We ended up reading our menu and waiting with our watering mouth in 충무횟집 restaurant. Great location of Busan that’s nearby the sea together with home-cooking style of the restaurant is like our guarantee that our Saengseon-gui (Grilled Fish) and Haemul Pajeon (Korean-style Seafood Pancake) would taste great.

When the food came, it’s almost gone with in only one wink because of our hunger. (Well, or maybe only my own hunger according to my travel partner :-p)

After lunch, we walked around the Jagalchi Market and found out that from that point it’s super easy and so near to one of our stops, Yeongdodaegyo Bridge. We got to see the local way of living which is totally different from Seoulites’ lifestyle. I reminded me the real feeling of market back in my home country somehow. They got their own way to follow. But the social bond is still so closed and I still can feel it in Busan air though Busan got to be one of big cities in Korea also. Moreover, the pathway to go is so nice to be true under this kind and nice weather.

No need that much words to describe. I’ll let my camera show you the moments I captured along the way to the bridge.

Yeongdodaegyo Bridge is waiting under Busan clear, blue sky. It’s the only one single-leaf bascule bridge in Korea so far. But the most interesting than that, the bridge would lift up on one side everyday on 2pm to 2.15pm to let the big ships or vessels pass by.

Unfortunately, we saw it lifted up from far away yet when we reached there, it’s already closed. (LOL)

Anyway, the atmosphere around the bridge area was so nice and great for chilling out, sitting and letting the wind blow your face. Feel the fresh air from the sea. Highly recommended, especially for sunny day.

Next stopping point was BIFF Square, well-known and super famous youth place in Busan. It’s also known as the ‘Star Street’ for Busan Film festival. Tracking back to its history, BIFF square came so far from the place that got only some several cinemas to this point.

Though it’s energetic place with tons of teenagers but I still can see the local way of living as one combination within the same area. And well, my main reason to come here is for this famous Hotteok, Korean style pancake.

Unlike normal hotteok from other places, hotteok from BIFF Square famous stall, 씨앗호떡, they put various kind of seeds with red sugar. Having this hot hotteok in this cold weather (it’s beginning of winter here in Korea) is kinda like a small happiness.

Hanging around this place for awhile, we headed to our hotel to check in and come back for our Busan Night Bus Tour. It’s one of the activities we chose for this trip. I was a bit thrilled to see what Busan would get for us during the night time.

The bus is super huge and comfortable. They got 2 levels for you to choose. I recommended you to book in advance for anyone who wants to get the seat in the rooftop. It would be clearer and you can get the nicer scenery up there. But if it’s too cold or too windy for you, you can choose to sit on the first level also.

(Plus, the driver is super duper friendly. Even though he misunderstood that I’m Taiwanese and kept talking to me in Chinese. I guess it’s because the word ‘Thailand’ can sound familiar to ‘Taiwan’ somehow. Haha)

Since Busan is nearby the sea and we need to pass by a lot of bridges. Those bridges with the light is highlight of Busan in the night time.

For now, let me show you what Busan got for us during the night time.

Our last destination of today was Night Market for our late supper (which might not good with our calories calculator and belly but nice for our heart and stomach. :P) Unluckily, the market is closed despite they said in front of the market that they’re closed at 12am. Better just check the time with tourist information.

Since BIFF Square is nearby, we walked back and let our stomach problem solved by local Ahjumma Pochangmaja, street food tent. You might see this kind of shop a lot in Korean dramas. I can tell you that it’s a great experience to follow the local. When in Korea, do as Korean do. Just enjoy eating :-p

Ended up our night in Hotel O Happy. It’s a bit far from Busan downtown yet only one station from bus terminal that we had to take the day after that. Anyway, with this cozy and super comfy bed, I dare say Busan is too good to be true.

: )


This trip is under the KOREA Tourism UP grade project. Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Tourism Organization. It’s the program containing 10 theme tour. Mine is under the theme island and wind.


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