Look into the sky.

Whenever I feel so down or depressed, one of the things I always do is looking up to see the sky.

I love every shade of sky color. Bright baby blue in the morning when the sun rises. Clear, cheerful blue during the daytime. Pastel pink and soft orange when the sun sets. Dark but full of the warm bright stars and yellow moon. Or even, when the color changed to be so grey by the raining cloud.

I just love the sky color in any condition.

I always wonder about the sky since I was so young. Starting with imagination about those white, fluffy and floating clouds. Moving to the bright, warm (sometimes too hot) sun on the sky. Trying to figure out if there is any rabbit on the moon as the bed time story. Or even wondering more about the mystery of those bright stars that always come with some interesting stories, fairy tales or even god and goddess’ legends.

On this lovely sky, everything is possible.

Maybe that’s another reason why I’m so in love with the sky.

My interest towards the sky still sticks with me until the moment I’m typing down this word. And it also let me travel more to see the places wherever they said the sky there is nice.

On the high mountain, I got to see the sea of the star. It’s been almost 10 years but that’s wonderful moment still in my memory. It’s too beautiful to let it go.

On the airplane, up there, I got to see the cloud ocean which is super fluffy and looks so dreamy in the same time.

On the ship, where the sky and the sea got no horizon between each other, I could feel some tense feeling inside when two greatest natural creations got to meet each other.

So here comes the time that I walk up on the little hill in order to see the sky garden. Yes, I’m talking about Haneul Park in Seoul.

I went on Seoul trip again with my friends and we got one free afternoon. We could get to go anywhere by ourselves. Since the weather was so nice, I decided not to go to gallery with Hermes exhibition in Itaewon and caught subway to World Cup Stadium instead.

After walking with super slow speed due to my injured leg (my sneaker bit me!) and getting lost for awhile, I found out the way to Haneul Park. Actually, it’s not that complicated. Only my mistake to read the GPS.

And here is the way this park welcomed me.

I slowly climbed up to the resting area. From the point, we can see all around the park. With the limited time and limit of my body that time, I intent not to walk too much. (In the end, my plan A always doesn’t work.)

It’s quite hard to describe this place so I will let my photo describing the places by itself.

The sun, the sky, the palet field and the weather made all of these scenes by itself. Not so crowded as the real Seoul. This peaceful moment allowed me to walk around and enjoy myself doing nothing, just indulge myself with the sky.

Ah… last thing I realized when I was about to leave this fantastic place. Word ‘Haneul’ in Korean means ‘the sky’. At first, I thought it’s just a nice name and since this place is on top of one hill, they just gave the name.

But after I visited the place, I did realized that the origin of this name is because in this place, wherever you are, the thing that you can see is the sky.

Yes, that charming sky.;)



2 thoughts on “Look into the sky.

    1. Thanks a lot ka P’pim! haha I will update three more soon within next week. I need to make sure that everything comes out from my mood while I write it out. Hope can write more nice ones:)

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