Yeosu vibes

I supposed to update this blog since the middle of this month.

But, due to my always busy schedule, TOPIK Exam plus with my Seoul trip, I really couldn’t make it until now.

And here is another one-day exhausting but nice journey I got through, Yeosu.

They said, whenever you got the gloomy feeling, the place that can help releasing your stress and all of your heavy thoughts is the sea.

After one semester long of Korean language study, (well it’s in between the final exam and TOPIK exam though), I spent one whole Saturday with SEM Club and went out to see the sea. Even though we spent almost 6 hours on the bus to get there.

We started our day with rail bike along the sea side. Thanks to this nice weather and super bright blue sky, biking, though hard for our rarely work-out legs, is still such a nice activity to warm up ourselves before lunch time.

After lunch time, our seonsengnim asked us for whoever wants to take the cable car in order to cross the island instead of bus. I need to limit my budget but anyway, I wouldn’t get a chance to come here everyday. I decided to spend my money in order to gain more memories and explore more on Yeosu.

And my curiosity has never let me down as always.

We met our group who came by bus in front of Odongdo. There we got to walk until the cliff. I’m afraid of height so it’s quite scary for me. But in the end, I managed to sit on the cliff and enjoyed the ocean.

This ocean scenery helped blowing all of my stress and worried away.

We ended up our day at Yeosu aquarium. Back in Bangkok, I went to the aquarium many times so at first I didn’t really get excited by this idea.

End up, I felt so fascinated with the living things I only heard about their names or read their names from the book. Well, bias cannot help when you get to travel though.

This trip, I got a chance to travel with another group of friends. When you don’t really know about something, you would just get worried about it. But I realized in the end that I got to know more about these new friends and it’s nice spending time with them.

Thanks for your warm welcome, Yeosu.


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