Autumn Getaways

There would always be once in a while that we suddenly want to be alone, spend time with ourselves, and talk with our own mind about hundred little things happening in our life.

I got that feeling for several weeks. After waiting for quite a long time, the chance to travel alone came up.

At first, I would like to do hiking in Daedun-San, one of the most famous mountains nearby Daejeon. By the day before traveling, my teacher told me that the way to go by public transportation is a bit hard. Plus, I haven’t gone hiking for almost three years. I’m not so confident go hiking alone at such a high mountain. So, I ended up choosing Changdae-San with the idea of practicing with small one and getting ready for higher one later.

I started my solo journey a bit early but not that much since it’s Saturday :P. Fortunately, I did that because I took bus to wrong direction and wasted my time to catch the bus to go to right way. Then the second bus also took me 1 hour to wait at the empty bus stop.

No matter how stressful and anxious because I was a bit afraid of getting lost, Changdae-San’s first impression can help blowing all of my stress away.

I walked around trying to find the observatory. But the history always repeats itself, I was about to get lost again. (hahaa) Luckily, my GPS saved me from climbing other mountain.

After following Korean ahjumma group for a while, the observatory appeared in front of my eyes with its stunning scenery.

I spent my whole day walking around this nice place, taking photos, writing postcards, talking with myself by writing diary. Although they said human is social animal, sometimes you just need some quality time with yourself. The time that you can talk honestly, think honestly, revise your real feeling, reorganize your complicated thought and calm your anxious mind. That’s why sometimes we need to escape from our daily life and get some adventure.:)

This fresh air might come with super cold weather. Yet it does help me clarify my mind and help me recharging my battery for next chapter of my life which seems to get harder and harder. Not only the weather but also the nature itself. No wonder why in the end human needs to get back to the nature anyway.

Before coming back, I walked pass picnic area. I saw some locals lying down on the bench, looking up to the top of the pine trees. As you are in Korea, do what Koreans do. I just followed them. I sang a song while lying down. I don’t know why but I could feel that by the end of that song, something in myself has already settled somehow.

Or maybe, myself inside is telling me to go out and experience the miracle and mystery of the world.:)

By the way, hello the real autumn!


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