Traveling back in time at Jeonju

Finally, we had finished our first midterm exam here!

My friends and I planned to go to travel somewhere. At first, we wanted to go to Kangwon-do or somewhere we can see the silver glass field.

In the end, the laziness won. We decided to have one-day trip at some place nearby and we decided to stop at Jeonju, one of the most famous city in Korea for nice food, especially Jeonju Bibimbap. (Mixed rice with vegetable and Korean chili paste).

Actually, I traveled there once before. But I got not that much time to walk and sightseeing the place that much. That’s why I wouldn’t mind going there again.

We departed  raining Daejeon in the early morning and arrived Jeonju after one and half hour on the bus. We walked through the heavy rain from bus terminal until the bus stop in order to take bus to Jeonju Hanok Village.

Here is some shot I snapped from Hanok Village.

Fortunately, after we arrived there, the rain stopped and the sun decided to come out and visit us. While walking we got through many street foods stalls. I did some researches for Hanok Village’s street food. We ate until we couldn’t put any food in our stomach.

After walking for awhile, I realized that this village got some special magic. I could feel the friendliness of this area. Same kind of friendliness I felt with Yufuin, one of nicest small town in Kyushu, Japan! Moreover, it could let me travelling back in time. People wear Hanbok, Korean traditional cloths, walking around the village. I couldn’t help imagining myself in some scene of old period Korean drama.

By the way, in order to understand more about present, sometimes you need to understand about the thing that happened in the past. Because the history can shape the way we understand ourselves. That’s why I love studying history even though in the end, I couldn’t remember everything. (hahaa)


Nice smile and nice to meet you again, Jeonju!

I hope I could see you again so soon.


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