Getting lost in Daecheong Lake

Now it’s Chuseok Holiday in Korea.

We, the language institution student, got 5 long holidays which means it’s time for traveling!

Unfortunately, we just got our monthly allowance 2 days before the holiday came. We finally ended up traveling in Daejeon instead of going somewhere else.

My friends and I planned to have a picnic trip in the place called Daecheong Lake where I got to be there several times and I was quite confident with myself that the way to get there is so easy even during the long holiday like this.

Unluckily, we needed to be separated by 3 taxi since the bus would take almost 1 hour to wait. And our luck always plays with us because in the end, 6 of us were sent to Daecheong Dam and 3 of us were sent to the right place.

Another unlucky thing is that only one of us has got sim card. Most of us arrived Korea just 3 weeks ago so we need to wait for alien card to open our phone number. I was with the group of 6 people and all we could do was just walking and following our GPS to the right place in order to meet our friends.

Even though it was a mentally and physically exhausting walk, especially for my own mental health (hahaa), nice scenery and always-positive friends can help:D

I have learned a lot from this trip. Positive thinking and calming myself down during the crisis (which can never be that big crisis) is what I need to understand more and learn more how to cope with my anxiety that easily comes to me.

Well, in the end, we walked until the picnic area, we met some locals there and decided to ask them if we can reach there so soon. When that kind Korean couple knew, they volunteered to drive us to our destination even it took 2 times of driving. How kind they are!

Ended up of the day, we met with each other and walked around Daecheong Lake. The scenery here is still stunning as always. It has been one of my memorable places in Korea so far and it’s still until now. Morever, I have made another memories on that day and I’m surely that I won’t forget it for a really long time. 😛

I’m sure that I will see you again!



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