When Seoul touches my soul

I arrived Korea last three weeks ago. I directly headed to Daejeon at very first day I touched down on this Kimchi land. I can feel like I have arrived my hometown in Korea. Daejeon is still friendly town and it will always be ‘home’ for me.

Yet, one of my friends asked me to join her trip to Seoul. I need to meet my junior who came from Thailand with package of food for me during that weekend also.

In the end, both of us caught the train to Seoul together after Friday class and spent our weekend there for 3 days 2 nights.


On Saturday, after visiting the temple nearby Insadong, we walked through Samcheongdong street in order to find Bora Cafe. Ended up recharging our battery with some nice sweet potato ice cream and bingsu then we moved on.


During the afternoon, we caught up with some friends for late lunch and also dinner. We went to Sooni Hawaii nearby Hongdae. (It’s from Korean drama ‘Doctors’ haha that’s why we were there!). In the end of the day, we sat along Han river with chicken and ramen. It was such a nice and refreshing weekend to me.


On Sunday, my friend and I separately went for our own business. She met her friend while I traveled on my own to revisit the places I used to be there before. I went to Changgyeonggung Palace for the Great Greenhouse (which is under renovation until next year November lol), Daehangno for Naksan park and Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

It was quite a rush trip. I felt quite exhausted but at the time I was back to Daejeon, I got some new kind of energy and courage to continue studying and working harder and harder. Traveling even in the same places affects somewhere inside myself that pushes me through the hard and complicated mind.

And now, it’s time to go on.


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