The mountain is calling you.

♪ : ‘The mountain is calling you.

Stop rolling in the room.

Can you smell the blooms?

Don’t stay in the gloom…’

I do can feel the feeling of this song while being on the Chiang Mai local bus with my family. This time, it’s kinda like my farewell trip before getting to study abroad for 3 years.

We went to some temples as my mom requested together with my need to finish something that I wished for my own benefit.

Our bucket list was done until the first day since we visited two famous temples in Chiang Mai. Checked!

In the same day, we stopped by Art community, Baan Kang Wat.

It’s such a nice small village with friendly atmosphere for the artists to create and share their handicraft with the others. I highly recommend you to come and feel it yourself. 😀

On the next day, we got to go for long-drive trip to Mon Cham and Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden nearby.

At this point, everyone got to indulge ourselves with fresh air and greenness of the nature.

I’m updating this entry while I’m in Korea to continue my study already.

So, I feel deeply inside missing my time with my family quite bad. It would take quite a long time for me to looking forward to my next trip with them.

Anyway, I’ll get my blog updated with my adventure in Korea.

Please stay tuned!

By the way, Chiang Mai, I’ll miss you and see you again for sure!



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