Under the sea

Well, I cannot bring my camera to explore under the sea world with me.

It’s just another collection of my sea photos.

I was in Krabi with four of my friends for our graduate trip.

It’s such a refreshing trip after exhausting days in school.

We took a break together before the next journey would begin so soon.

Our first stop is Emerald Pool. I did enjoyed the sunlight and that nice pool.

Everyone there seemed so happy, just floating their belly in the pool.


Next day morning, we got struck in our hotel for awhile because of the rain.

I almost thought of saying goodbye to our one-day diving trip. But suddenly Ong, our trip-manager friend, called me to be prepared.

“We are going there in 30 minutes.”

Then, here were we. On the boat and heading to the islands.

I could tell all of us enjoyed diving a lot. Look at Puii face XD

Our last day, we ended up our trip with chilling in the cozy, local cafe and also having quick trip in riverside parallel mountains.

It’s just nice, curling myself on sofa with some books and my vanilla milk.

And here were some moments I snapped from our wind-breezing boat on the way to riverside parallel mountains.


It was so fun. Thanks to all of my friends, to all seafood we ate, to the nice weather that also brought us some rains. 😀

See you next trip!


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