Story of Tea

Last Saturday, I had meeting with some of my friends. We would organize some event for our high school teacher. So, in order to chill in the same time, we chose to go to Peace Oriental Teahouse nearby Ekkamai.

I had walked pass this place several times. Yet, it was my first time here.

It’s so bright and nice inside the store. The store was decorated with white color and minimal style. We ordered one pot of tea and kept refilling it with hot water. (Well, with our limited budget, that’s quite good enough already Hahaaa.)

One of the owners also recommended us with Sakura mochi. Smooth red bean wrapped by sticky but so nice mochi paste. Outside was a bit salty sakura leaf that cut some sweetness of red bean.

Writing about its taste made me want one more. :9

At first, the weather was just nice.  The sky was so blue. By the way, when we finished our tea and our meeting, the raindrop was greeting us. I followed back my two friends until we reached BTS Ekkamai.

Before catching BTS back home, we stopped by Bangkok Farmer Fair. I had not that enough money left for passion fruit. But that kind lady just gave me some for free! Wish I could meet her again to buy some in order to repay.

(Anyway, one of my friends decided to buy me a bottle of passion fruits. I kinda got tons of vitamin C that day. Hahaha :P)

It’s another nice day, hanging around with some nice friends and meeting some people who do have passion with the things they do.


2 thoughts on “Story of Tea

  1. I worked for a phone app publishing almost all cafés and restaurants in Sukhumvit, yet I’ve never heard of this place. Were I still working for them, I’d definitely ask you for your opinions on this new place. 🙂

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