Next Stop is coming SOON.



I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, trying so hard to focus on my last paper for undergrad life. (Still, until now there is no progress at all. LOL)

Two last days ago, I had just finished my last final exam. At very first time, I felt a bit distressed. I guess this is the feeling that all fresh graduate has to face right after their comfort zone has just passed.

For me, I’m quite lucky that I already have the next stop to go. It would be so exciting and I hope it would be a bit adventurous. (Adventurous stuff addicted! hahaaa) I’m going to continue my master’s degree. (Well, I will have kinda like gap year for language study and continue my master’s for 2 years.)

Even it’s still a student life, it would bring a big change in my life again. I’m a bit afraid but I need to be stable and be confident with myself. Hard working always helps and it has never killed anyone.

So, for me, the school vacation is coming. I still have tons of stuffs to finish. Yet, I cannot help feeling so nice. There would be no school for 3 months (at least, yayy!) I have long list of to-do stuffs to follow. Hehe~~

I have two trips to go after this. I have two more months for Korean course. I have planned to buy new camera. I’m going to learn how to drive the car. So many things to do, so many places to go, so many people to meet, so many stuff to figure it out. hmm…

I feel like I’m addicted to busy time also. I feel so weird that I have time to do thing one by one, in order. Instead of being so messy with everything around my working space. LOL

Well, the next hard but bright stop is coming so soon. Hope it would be nice, exciting and adventurous!


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