To grow up.

When I was young, I was always curious how one person knows he is already mature.

I thought (and still think sometimes) that it’s the stage of life that’s really hard to tell.

It’s unlike your student’s life.

If you pass exam, you can go to the next stage.

Primary School to Junior High School.

Junior High School to High School.

And High School to University.

(or other path, or graduate school or whatever.)

Someone can be mature even before he or she graduates his or her high school.

Someone, however, already finished his graduate school. But still, he cannot be mature.

So when could we know that we already grow up enough?

Maybe we would never know exactly when it is.

And maybe we cannot be mature all the time.

It’s just when we need to be.

When we need to be less selfish.

When we need to put our compassion on the others more than ourselves.

When we need to learn to sacrifice for the others more than ourselves.

: )

hmm some what being mature might not be that scary though.


Source: “Always” movie


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