End of 2015

Mostly, everyone ends the year with the resolution of the coming year.I already wrote mine in the middle of November. (Well, I couldn’t remember the exact time anyway…)

I had thought that 2013 was my big year. 2015 might not been that big compared with 2013 which had changed my life a lot. Yet it’s another step to grow up.

I officially started working as a part-time research assistant. I started learning to balance my life. This year, I started using my saving for traveling by my own. I learned how to cure myself when I faced the hardship, both physically and emotionally.I don’t think I can handle it that well but I feel like I will be better and better at it.

And everything would be okay. It would be better.

This year, also, I started doing a lot of thing I planned to do but never did it before. I started seriously being on diet and I’m a lot healthier for now. I started taking photos. For this, I might not be that good yet. But I’ll keep practicing myself. And I started studying Korean again (in more serious way though).

Life needs to go on. I need to live on. And nothing can block us if we don’t allow it.

See you so soon, 2016.

I’m looking forward what’s waiting for me next year.

(Some photos’ credit goes to my younger sister. :))


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