Last Saturday, I went to Little Tokyo and Korean Town.

Well, even the names refer to Japan and Korea but both are in Bangkok and moreover, these two areas are quite closed to each other. They’re in Sukhumvit area.

I started my Saturday afternoon with two friends.

We headed straight to Sukhumvit 31/1.

First of all, we met lot of foreigners since Sukhumvit is foreigner area. On the way we met not only Japaneses but also some Westerners.

Then, we had arrived here. Little Tokyo.

I dare saying that this trip was such an eating trip. Triple of us kept eating all afternoon.

You’d walked pass some Japanese restaurants which looks authentic and in the same style as in Japan. (Well, except the weather and vehicle with Thai vehicle license, the atmosphere is exactly same as in Japan).

Ramen, Yakiniku (Japanese grill food), Bakery. Everything looks so nice and of course, yummy.

And by the end of the street, you’d see supermarket and that’s our check point. We walked in and explored the food and stuff they sell inside.

Well, we ended up with some Japanese ice cream (It’s Monaka puff with vanilla ice cream, perfect for hot Saturday!) and some Dango (sticky but soft rice paste with some juicy sauce, nomnom).

At first we planned to have late lunch in some restaurants. Yet, with our limited budget, we bought some bread in Custard Nakamura (which one of my seniors said everything is nice and super duper yummy, except custard… haha) and we went on picnic in the garden on the opposite side of the street.

We had great time having the famous and delicious sandwich from Custard Nakamura. Together with great and long conversation with my long lost friends. After graduation, we rarely meet each other.

After we put last piece of bread in our stomach, we headed back to Sukhumvit Plaza.

Sukhumvit Plaza, another name is Korean Town. I have been here twice but for my friends, it’s their first time.

They kept exploring and buying some snacks (again) from the Korean mart. They ended up with melon ice cream and Milkis, according to my recommendation though.

I have another meeting with two seniors from Korea. My friends accompanied me for awhile before my seniors came.

We had Samkyeopsal buffet and Pat-Bingsu for our dinner. I have to admit that I ate a lot.

It’s such a nice Saturday. I can say it’s ideal weekend. Got to rest more. Talked more and relax more.

The food is nice yet it’s not just about the taste of food but the taste of conversation you’re having during the meal.


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