Pieces of Joyous Days.

Again, I came back with graduation photo shooting.

Most of my friends officially graduated these several days ago. It’s such a nice and lovely days spending time with them. I met tons of friends. My friends from secondary school, high school, and college batch mate. They did changed a lot (well, in the good way). There are no more that childish, careless people like ‘that’ young us anymore. They’ve grown up. It makes me nostalgic a bit somehow.

Once, we shared our point of time together. I’m not such a romantic person yet I quite believe in destiny. Destiny brings us to know each other, to live together and to bond with each other.

Well, here are some of the moments I captured when there were no fresh graduates around me. HAHA : )

IMG_9240 IMG_9298

IMG_9327 IMG_9305

Dear my CLASS OF 2014,

Good luck and bon voyage for your next journey!


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