When the ocean meets the sky.

“Important thing of traveling is not the destination, yet what we get through the trip.”, said someone.

Two weeks ago, I was on the plane. It took me back from Singapore to Bangkok. It was quite fast and furious trip. Even the trip had made me so tiresome, I still need to work in the next morning because my internship period continued that time.

I went to Singapore, mainly to join my best friend’s graduation ceremony. We had such a short time to visit the places. Just only fast trip to some attractions, then we’ve done.

IMG_4188 IMG_3229

 IMG_3330 IMG_3445 IMG_4488 IMG_4533

My trip was about to be done. But suddenly when the plane started to take off, something out of the plane window caught my mind.

Have you ever imagined to see the ocean and the sky becoming one?

That’s what I saw. No horizon between these two.  Everything was so blue yet not in the negative way. It’s blue color of harmony. Harmony of the biggest things we can see in this blue planet earth, the sky and the ocean.

I  felt so carefree, soothed and somewhat pleasure. Maybe same as bird’s feeling since the scenery I was seeing that time is quite similar to the bird’s eye-views.

No wonder why they said bird is the symbol of peace and freedom.


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