Things that are meant to happen, will happen. Earthlings call that Fate. – Min Joon (You who came from the star)

To be honest, I don’t believe in the supernatural stuffs. I strongly believe in human capability. Human is one of the living things that amazes me. They can be so so kind yet they can also be so cruel as I cannot imagine. Also their minds are so complicated so we cannot understand some kind of logic.

But during watching that Korean series, I have to admit that somewhat something is out of human’s control.

We cannot find the explanation for something. Why we have to be born in this family. Why we have to know and meet some people. Why, why and so many why can coming after you start wondering about your life. Why has it turned out like this? Despite the million of possibility… but why…?

And for something, we do really cannot find the absolute answer.

I found out that this makes life seem to be more exciting.

Well, even you have carefully planned for every step of life, fate or that something might change your plan at the very last minute. Anything can happen. That’s why life is worth- living for. It wouldn’t be that fun if you know everything that will be happen in advance.

We are born to live, make some mistakes and then learn from it. Comfort zone might be safe but nothing there can strengthen us. To be stronger, better walk out from comfort zone to see the world.

hmm.. I have to admit that I’m so involved and addicted with this Korean TV series. Hope I can finish it so soon. If not, I really cannot focus on my work.

Sunday, 19.07.2015

Cloudy but hot day as typical for BKK.

At my grandpa’s house, BKK.


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