I have to say long time no see.

I updated this blog one year ago. That’s such a long time. That time, I have to admit that I just followed one of my senior who started writing an English blog. At first, I’d still sticked with my Thai blog. (Actually, until now sometimes I feel like I can express my feeling in Thai word better than in English.)

But, to improve myself, I shouldn’t stop just that.

I need to just try.

‘Try it’ is the word that always reminds me my uncle. As my dad passed away when I was so young (well, he’s irreplaceable), my uncle is my second father or god-father. I’d started by imitating my cousin (who is my uncle’s real daughter) to call him ‘dad’. Well I’d better go back to the topic.

When I was young, I always liked to ‘play safe’ with the food. If anything looks not really good, I’d just avoid passing it through my mouth. Insect (hm… don’t look down on it. The grassshopper tastes not bad), black chicken, salad, vegetable or anything that doesn’t look like food. I’d say no at very first time when I see it.

But he kept teaching me with only one word.

‘Try it. Just one bite. If you don’t like it, stop eating.’

And he always ends up right. Especially with the food. (In the end, I’ve grown up to be the chubby girl haha)

Thanks to him, his word ‘Try it’ always reminds me not only food but everything in my life. I start following this word by grasping any chance to experience the world more. I started traveling alone, I started being eager to see the new things.

Well, sometimes I made mistake with wrong decision. But everything does teach me something.

So just try.

Be brave and step out to get to see new people and experience the world more.

Overwhelm yourself with experience.

And hope I’d see you more, my blog.

17.07.2015 / 2.58 pm

Cloudy day with no rain for long time.

At STL, Human Resource Cell (Saraburi, Thailand)


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