Last week, I just got through the huge storm of emotion and feeling. It’s kinda like another big period of my life to be a bit closer as an adult. Before that I’d always thought it would be such a hard time. I believed that no one could understand my point, my thought, my secret feeling at all. If my friends know they would rather kill me, or worse, stop our friendship.

But finally I decided to ask help from one of my friends (whom I’m close to her since we were high school students). At first I really felt scared that she would scold at me and ask me whether I’m crazy or not. But she didn’t do any kind of that stuff at all. Unexpectedly, she started to help me as much as she could; even we were not together in the same place and thanks God that finally everything is getting better and better now. 🙂

Last Friday (yup Valentine’s Day), while I was looking around at my twitter account there was one tweet saying this:

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

I couldn’t confirm that she still loves me or not. But at least, her understanding and helping let me realize that I always have someone who could understand me and will always stand by me 🙂

That should be enough for one person’s life. someone who could understand us…


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